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About Hebrew Podcasts

Hebrew Podcasts is owned and operated by Explore Analytics LLC, California, and is managed by Nivi and Gadi Yedwab. We combine our expertise in education and software development to bring you this unique podcast. We launched Hebrew Podcasts at the beginning of 2008 and it connected us with Hebrew learners from all over the world. We draw a lot of personal satisfaction from the wonderful interaction with this community.

You can contact us at, or using our feedback form.

We believe that the podcast format presents a unique and very effective way to learn a language. It allows the listener to learn and practice while doing other things such as getting from place to place, exercising, doing chores, or even resting. Moreover, our podcast prompts the listener to repeat phrases out loud which is an excellent way to consolidate them into memory.

We focus our podcast on teaching contemporary conversational Hebrew as spoken in Israel with authentic Israeli accents. The podcast dialog content is suitable for all ages.

The lessons are packed with tidbits of information about the features of the Hebrew language including idiomatic and colloquial expressions and grammar rules. The lessons also touch on Israeli cultural and geographical topics that you'll find useful if you plan to visit Israel.

Our lesson guides provide a valuable complement to the podcast. They offer a full transcript with nikkud, translation, and transcription of the Hebrew using Latin letters. The Lesson guides explain grammar and provide exercises. The guides include cultural and historical background and pictures from Israel.

We maintain two affilated websites at and

We sincerely hope that you benefit from our podcast and succeed in learning Hebrew.

About Explore Analytics LLC

Explore Analytics is a California limited-liability company specializing in the delivery of Web-base services. It's two main services are Hebrew Podcasts, and Explore Analytics - a service that lets you explore and visualize any data.