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beginner Memory Game Lesson 1 - Introduction
Welcome to the first lesson of Hebrew Podcasts. In this beginner-level lesson we'll meet Rina. She'll help us practice some greetings such as saying hello and "how are you?" Rina will tell us about her school and her favorite teacher. Through the dialog with Rina you'll learn some new words.

The game consists of 20 cards that are face down. 10 of these cards have a Hebrew word on them and 10 have a picture. The objective of the game is to match each word with the corresponding picture and do so in a minimum amount of time and the smallest number of times turning cards over. You can open two cards at a time. If they don't match they will automatically turn face down after 2 seconds. If they match, then they will be removed from the board leaving 2 fewer cards. The game ends when all the cards are matched.

Play Noah's Ark. Challenge your reading and writing skills by practicing the phrases from this lesson using a word puzzle.
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Take the quiz to practice the lesson by answering multiple-choice questions.
Use flash cards to practice the new words and expressions that you learned in this lesson.
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