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What's in the Lesson Guides?

With each podcast lesson we publish a lesson guide. You can use this guide to prepare for the lesson, to read along, and to review the lesson and practice.

In addition to the full Hebrew transcript and translation, we provide our unique transcription that's designed to make it easy for you to read Hebrew and know how to pronounce it. You can see the transcription in green.

The guides provide additional explanation and examples for the syntax and grammar that's discussed in the lesson. This extra information enriches the lesson and your command of the material you just learned.

Your Hebrew learning experience is further enriches with cultural information and images from Israel. Perfect if you are planning a trip.

You'll learn more with fun exercises that help you practice what you learned and immerse yourself in Hebrew.

Become a member today and start downloading lesson guides. You will download all the existing lessons plus the new lessons that will be published during your membership period.