Typing in Hebrew

If you're using Windows XP or Vista, you have the capability of typing in Hebrew--you just need to turn it on. Once you turned it on, Windows allows you to easily switch your keyboard between your normal keyboard and a Hebrew keyboard. Typically you switch between the keyboards with Alt-Shift. You don't need to buy another keyboard--just get little stickers with the Hebrew letters and stick them on your keys.

Useful Links for Learning Hebrew

Mr. Jacob Richman maintains a "hot list" of web sites for learning Hebrew and other related topics such as Hebrew radio stations on the Web, typing in Hebrew, and more. Another great resource is his new The Alef-Bet Page. The Alef-Bet Page has online and printable Hebrew alphabet charts which include the Hebrew letters in three formats: block, script, and Rashi. The charts also have the numeric value of each letter.

The Open Directory Project is a comprehensive directory with a great number of links to web sites about the Hebrew language. Here you can find a lot of useful resources for learners.

Some useful free resources can be found on the Foundation Stone site. In particular, you can find a 72-page Hebrew tutorial.

Learn conversational Hebrew with real Hebrew teachers from Israel by Skype or by phone no matter where you are located with Live-Hebrew.net. Enjoy improving your Hebrew at your pace on topics chosen especially for you based on your level, needs and centers of interest. Register for a trial lesson now!

Hebrew on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great resource for learners of Hebrew. Below are some links to key articles. Each one of these articles probably has more than you need, but you'll find the key tables and visuals very useful. You can safely ignore discussions of regional and historical variations.

  • Hebrew Alphabet - Here you'll find a useful letter table, pronunciation, and an overview of Niqqud which is a system of dots that help determine vowels.
  • Niqqud - Here you'll find everything you want to know about reading Hebrew vowels, and even information of how to type Niqqud in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word and Open Office.
  • Hebrew Grammar - This article may be intimidating. Use it as a reference for specific grammar topic. We will cover a lot of Hebrew grammar in our upcoming podcast lessons.

Additional Links

  • Omniglot - Writing systems & languages of the world. This page is dedicated to the Hebrew writing system.
  • Shamash - Judaism and Jewish Resources.
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