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30 Shvat 5779
February 5, 2019

Welcome friends to our Yom Hamishpaha edition of the Hebrew Podcasts Newsletter.

We are sending your way Happy Yom Mishpaha.

Yom Hamishpaha - יום המשפחה

Family Day יום המשפחה (Yom Hamishpaha) is celebrated in Israel on ל' שבט ,תשע"ט, Lamed BeShvat (the 30th day of Shvat - the 5th Hebrew month) which falls this year on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Mother's Day was first celebrated in Haifa in 1951 on the second day of Hanukkah. The date later changed to the day that Henrietta Szold died. Henrietta Szold was called "The children's mother" because she founded the organization Youth Aliyah that rescued children from Nazi Germany. The name of the holiday later changed to Family Day to highlight the contribution of fathers to the family.

Some of the holiday traditions are to celebrate this day together as a family, and to give gifts such as cards, flowers, jewelry, chocolate and cake. Many kids prepare their own homemade gifts and cakes.

New Idioms

Lost touch with Ee-bed ke-sher eem איבד קשר עם
Beside the point Bli shoom ke-sher la-in-yan בלי שום קשר לעניין
Pulled strings Hif-ee-la ksha-rim הפעילה קשרים
Hatched a plot Kash-roo ke-sher קשרו קשר

New Words

Connection/knot    Ke-sher    קשר

Touch/contact    Ma-ga    מגע

Relationship    Ya-has    יחס

Plot/Conspiracy    Me-zi-ma    מזימה

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