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15 Av 5781
July 24, 2021

Welcome friends to our Tu B'Av edition of the Hebrew Podcasts Newsletter.

We are sending your way Chag Sameach greetings and Happy Tu B'Av.

Featured Holiday

Tu B'Av ט"ו באב (the fifteenth of the month of Av) is a holiday that was renewed in the modern-day Israel. It falls this year on Saturday, July 24, 2021. It is celebrated as a holiday of love חג האהבה‎ (Hag HaAhava) and as such is a very sought after date for romantic dates and Jewish weddings. The kibbutzim celebrate the grape harvest festival as Hag Hakeramim. It was celebrated in the Temple in Jerusalem when unmarried girls would dress in white and dance in the vineyards at the beginning of the grape harvest in the hope of finding a husband.

Hag HaAhava Kids Crafts

Heart Pocket Mail Holder
Love Rocks

New Idioms

Changed hands heh-lif ya-da-yim החליף ידיים
Exchange a knowing look heh-li-foo ma-bat החליפו מבט
You don't change horses midstream en mah-li-fim soo-sim ba-a-li-ya אין מחליפים סוסים בעלייה
Crossed the aisle heh-li-fa tsad החליפה צד

New Words

Side    tsad    צד

Aspect    pan    פן

View point    he-bet    הבט

Perspective    za-vit    זוית

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