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Shalom Hebrew Podcasts team, I am married to an Israeli, lived in Israel almost 12 years, but my Hebrew is still fairly basic. I tried couple of courses and private teachers, but none of them worked. Now I have met you guys, for the first time I am enjoying learning Hebrew. I am still hanging around in the beginner level, but I will keep it up and let you know my progress on the way. Thank you so much for this.
Tetsuya, Rosh Haayin, Israel
I love your podcasts, all of you do an amazing job! I purchased a 1 year subscription last month and have already done about half of the lessons. I hope you will be adding a lot more lessons in the near future. I'm currently in Ulpan and learning a great deal and these podcasts enable me to immerse myself even further in the Hebrew language.
Brandon, Yad Rambam, Israel
I just subscribed for a year yesterday! FANTASTIC stuff! While I've been to Israel four times (most recently in April) and speak/read/write some modern Hebrew as well as prayerbook Hebrew, your course is just what I needed to "plug and play" with guided conversations, phrases, and listening comprehension.
Toda raba!
Joel, Norwich, United Kingdom
Hebrew Podcasts is really a great service. I don't log in often because I have all the MP4 sets on my desktop and two laptop computers, for ready access even if I am not near the internet. The valuable feature of Hebrew Podcasts is the exposure to spoken Hebrew which is hard to come by when studying solo. I have been studying now for about three years. In addition to other reading materials, and my subscription to Hebrew Podcasts, I also subscribe to עיתון עברית from the Jerusalem Post and speak with a lady from there once a week. Hebrew Podcasts is great for listening to when working around the house, etc. Glad I discovered this. I occasionally check the site to see if you have new lessons, just downloaded several today.
Carol, Moscow, Idaho
I really love Hebrew Podcasts! Although I am a Hebrew speaker, it's not my native language. The podcasts and their lesson guides have helped me reinforce my grammar and use of Hebrew idioms. The audio lessons are fantastic because they contain everyday vocabulary and situations common to us all. I highly recommend Hebrew Podcasts for anyone interested in learning the language and Israeli culture. Col tuv!
Nadav, Brooklyn, New York
I wanted to tell you that the themes of the lessons are always very interesting and useful. We were recently in the Galilee and visited the Dalton winery, and we went not far from Gamla. The wine they produce is what I prefer, and I find it superior to many French wines. The vocabulary of this lesson [107] is also very important to know. Thank you for what you do to help us love Israel and Hebrew.
Marc, Paris, France
...I attended ulpan, studied on my own, but Hebrew podcasts gave me the shot in the arm that pushed me over the line, and got me absorbing the language more effortlessly and retaining the words and phrases better. I have recommended the program to several friends and acquaintances struggling with the language. We particularly benefitted from Hebrew Podcasts' coverage of numerous every day and special occasions, idiomatic expressions, and the accompanying cultural and historical information. My wife also appreciated using feminine forms as well in the conversations. Americans need special training in grammatical gender. Best wishes,
Robert, Ma'ale Adumim
This keeps on getting better. The advanced lessons are really special. By this stage it's turned into a comprehensive system for lots of levels of ability. But there's always room for more at the top level - this is where your teaching tools are filling a space which no-one else is really addressing. Plenty of other providers are covering the (more tedious) beginners and intermediate stages (eg Milingua, Rosetta) but I don't know of anything as lively, accessible and interesting at the advanced levels. The graphic design is also a great asset, both aesthetically and as a learning aid. Kol hakavod. I have been recommending your website left, right and centre.
Daniel, UK
I would like to congratulate you on creating an outstanding program for learning modern Hebrew. I first studied Hebrew over 30 years ago in college. We used the textbook "HaYesod", and I obtained a good foundation in Hebrew grammar and vocabulary. I still remember much of what I learned. However, the demands of work and family prevented me from continuing my studies and becoming more fluent in Hebrew. I have been looking all these years for a program that was interesting and easy to use, but at the same time very thorough. Hebrew Podcasts is by far the finest program I have seen. I hope you are successful in this venture and continue producing and distributing this program for many years to come.
Steven , New Haven, Connecticut
Insanely good. I previously spoke a rudimentary Hebrew, but the unique methodologies used by Hebrew Podcasts, creates a level of fluency that no other system I have tried (and there have been many) can match.
Each component of this unique system fills in the gaps. One is not simply learning individualized words. One is learning phrases with the podcasts, grammer with the Lessons, and reinforcing all with the other modules, such as flash cards.
Kol Hakavod L'chem
Fredric, Miami, Florida
I am very happy with Hebrew Podcasts. I think it is a very good tool if you want to have extra practice to Hebrew courses or even to learn on your own. In my case, I use it as an extra tool to my Hebrew courses with a teacher. I have been using it for about 6 weeks and I can see how my Hebrew has improved faster than my other classmates'. I just listen to it on my MP3 on my way to work and back home. I really love it. Also, the flashcards are a great way to memorize new words and to refresh words that you already learnt. As a foreign language teacher myself, I strongly recommend it. תודה רבה.
Ariel, Spain
You podcasts are outstanding. I've been using the free download podcasts for about 6 months, and now decided to become a paying customer. Your lesson plans are outstanding, and it is clear the videos will be very useful. I'm really hoping that FINALLY my Hebrew will get better. Your site is terrific. Thanks very much for creating it. Best regards,
Joel, Rehovot, Israel
I am really glad that I subscribed to Hebrew Podcasts. It's tremendous help to advance my conversational Hebrew with my Hebrew teacher. Thanks for the helpful lessons and links. I have learned many vocabularies and how to form sentences. May you continue to come up with lessons to help those who want to improve their spoken Hebrew. Shalom and blessings to you.
Rachel, Bellevue, Nebraska
Thank you for putting together the best set of Hebrew language audio programs I've ever heard, and I've heard a few. I feel like I've been trying to learn Hebrew for all of my life, and generally failing to keep at it. Actually I did complete a book/cassettes class years ago that was fairly good, but it was strictly intermediate hebrew and when I finished, I just stopped. These tapes are so well thought out, with just the right amount of English explanation and just the right speed. And of course the technology is much more powerful than it was back then..its so much easier to learn from an ipod than from a cassette tape!
Roslyn, Los Angeles, California
It is just brilliant! Hebrew is the 4th language I learn and have never thought that I will ever progress without learning the alefbet properly. With this method, I can learn as I hear the words and memorize the writing only when I am confident with the text. It spares time and makes me more confident. My native co-workers appreciate my effort to learn and use Hebrew every day. Thanks!
Viktoria, Germany
Really excellent. It's good you have the "A" lessons for old ladies (62 years) like me but the teaching is clear and enjoyable. I teach ESL and I'm learning Hebrew for two reasons: my daughter is marrying an Israeli and I would like to be able to talk to his family next year and spend some time in Israel. Also, it is helping me learn more about the language learning process since I don't know a second language. Really just excellent - could not possibly make any suggestions for improvements. Thanks!
Susan, USA
You guys are the best
I was just looking at my iTunes and noticed that I have been downloading your podcasts and other lesson materials since January 2008. I thought about how much they have become an integral part of my life. I have told you before that I wait in eager anticipation for each episode to arrive. Well nothing has changed. In fact your podcasts have become better and better. They are the best tool in the Hebrew language learning toolbox. The dialogues are so much fun, the vocabulary always so useful and the grammar so clearly explained. Thank you for the recent explanations of verb binyanim! They are a great help! The videos are very valuable too and while the podcasts are perfect for honing pronunciation, the videos have improved my (previously poor) reading skills enormously.
I just love the light touch you have in the dialogues. They have become like mini plays with beautifully sketched characters. An absolute delight. I also appreciate Noah and Dani's perfect delivery. This is so important when listening to a recording over and over again as one must do when rehearsing for pronunciation. I have listened to many language podcasts and most of them don't bear repetition. When played repeatedly they quickly become annoying or old because of silliness or flaws in the script or delivery. Your podcasts on the other hand, rest easy on the ear even after being played twenty times or more.
You guys really know how to take the strain out of language learning!
תודה רבה לכלם בפודכסט עברית! You are one of the good things in life.
Lindy, Maryland, USA
Your lectures are amazing! For the past six months, I have been listening to them during my commute and I feel my Hebrew has improved a lot. I have tried many courses before, but this is the best by far. Thank you. Kol Tuv, U'BeHatzlachah.
Daniel, USA
Thank you for your new online quiz format. Your Hebrew Podcasts site gets better and better in amazing ways. You have made excellent improvements with each step!! This shows your devotion to those who wish to learn modern Hebrew, and to learn about Israel and Jewish culture and customs. Grade: A+
Andrew, Springfield, Missouri
Great stuff! Learning Hebrew with you is simply amazing - lots of fun and challenging just in the right way!
All the very best from rainy London,
Eva, London, United Kingdom
Just wanted to say that the new addition of the memory games is really cool. I play it when I want to take a break at work and therefore it makes my breaks beneficial and still relaxing. So thanks for thinking of this. Keep up the good work it is really helpful :)
Resa, Israel
Thank you so much for your fantastic program! Hebrew Podcasts is by far the best system for learning Hebrew that I have found - and I've searched extensively. The videos are fun and entertaining, and they work together beautifully with the flash-cards and the lesson guides. The new matching game is also a great addition. It's the highlight of my day when a new lesson comes out. When we go to services and as my daughter learns prayers for her Bat Mitzvah I have some insight as to the meaning of the the prayers. Thanks again!
David, La Quinta, California
Shalom, hello, bonjour, je dois dire que Hebrew Podcasts est un des meilleurs outils sinon le meilleur pour "garder la forme" dans l'apprentissage de l'hébreu. I have to say that as a French as a foreign language professor, HP is a marvelous tool! Vous êtes absolument fantastiques, formidable, et je vous dis mille mercis (I think everyone will understand this sentence in French :-D תודה רבה אתם נהדרים מפליאים extraordinaire בצרפתית
Denise (דניז), Québec
Hebrew Podcasts are brilliant. The problem with most Israeli ulpans is that they refuse to speak any English to you even when explaining difficult concepts. A beginner needs some things explained in English if they are going to understand them. That's what makes your technique so great. There are explanations in English so I can understand the concepts. I am seeing a lot of improvement in my Hebrew skills very quickly. Thank you Hebrew Podcasts.
Ariella, Jerusalem, Israel
I started to listen to your podcasts a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for your effort and great lessons! I attended an ulpan 10 years ago, in Netanya, but I forgot lots of the vocabulary. Your lessons have helped me refresh the things I already knew and taught me new things. Thank you!
Thomas Almnes, Asker, Norway
This is a really excellent website. I listened to the podcasts for free for a while (excellent idea) and have "graduated" to membership. The flashcards--with sound!--are very well done. I will be visiting Israel this summer, and look forward to being able to converse fluently. Well, I will try.
Christopher Brooks, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
I Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how helpful the new flashcard feature is! It Really helps me review and lock down my vocabulary. Whoever thought up this interactive form of doing flash cards is a genius! I love being able to try to say the word myself and then check my pronunciation with the authentic Hebrew audio. I also Love the art on the flip side of the cards. Nice touch! For us "visual learners", the art really helps in memorizing. I am having so much fun reviewing while using the flashcards! My speed in recognizing and accuracy in speaking the words is increasing every time I use it. I look forward to using the Flashcards every day!
Todah Raba!
Marie, Denair, California
I love your program. I have studied Hebrew for years, have done some readings from the Torah in Hebrew, the prayers, etc. but this is the first program that caught my wife's interest. The voices are clear. We are having fun with it and that will ensure we continue. The lessons are short enough for my attention and learning span. The graphics are cute and useful. I have them on my iphone as well and that makes them available too. I really hope you continue adding to these lessons and can take us far into a useful conversational level. Well done, tov meod. Shalom.
Claude, Merced, California
Your podcasts are great!! I am glad I bought this membership, its a great way to learn hebrew and the lesson guides are very useful too. It is very well recorded and it helps a lot.
Maria, Warsaw, Poland
I love the format of the podcasts and the lesson guides. The lesson guides are incredibly helpful and they offer a lot of "extras" that you just don't get from the podcasts alone. After the first and second lessons, I was amazed that I could actually sound out words in hebrew... and now I hardly rely on the transliteration. This format is amazingly effective, particularly for an adult learner. Toda raba!
Chaya, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA
[The videos] are indeed good news. My feedback could not be more positive even though I am still struggling with grammar and semantics. It requires study as everything that is worthwhile. Being a senior, I appreciate, in particular, a teaching and topics that reach a wide range of people. My previous attempts to learn Hebrew always used kid stuff that put me off. Being a teacher myself I can discern the difference in teaching different age groups.
Thank you for your commitment.
Teresa Levy, Lisbon, Portugal
I've been learning Hebrew with Hebrew Podcasts for about a month now and I find them a great way to learn, especially as I have a long commute to work in London by train. I usually spend about half an hour each way working through a lesson and going over the previous ones.
It is very useful now that you have added video as it isn't always easy to refer to the printed lesson when travelling. I like the way that the video forces me to read along with the voice of the teacher. This improves my reading skill - it's not quite the same when reading along with the printed lesson. From previous experience, I know that pictures also help me remember new vocabulary, so this is another useful addition as far as I am concerned.
I had private Hebrew lessons for a year back in 2003-4 when I was working in Israel. Unfortunately, I had to stop them as my job took up too much of my time. Since then, I have forgotten how to apply quite a bit of what I learnt, but your podcasts are bringing it all back to me!
Great stuff. Keep up the good work!
Paul from Kent, UK.
I've had Hebrew language books collecting dust on my shelf for years, but never made any significant progress until I discovered It's the next best thing to having a personal tutor -- better in some ways, since you can't pause a tutor or make them repeat lessons over and over at your convenience until you're ready to move on!
David Furstenau, Lincoln, NE (USA).