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This page contains instructions for using Hebrew Podcasts using different podcast programs and mobile devices.

iPhone and iPad

Using Hebrew Podcasts on an iPhone or iPad

Podcast Setup for iPhone or iPad - (members only)

Android Phone or Tablet

Using Hebrew Podcasts on an Android Device

Podcast Setup for Android - (members only)

Members Unrestricted Audio and Video Podcasts

When you become a member you can use your personal unrestricted podcast feed and download all audio and video lessons.

To access all the lessons from your podcasting app on your mobile device, use the member-only instructions above for iPhone or Android.

The mobile device instructions include podcast feed URLs that you can use with any podcast app on a mobile device or PC. Simply copy the URL and paste it in the app where you manually add a podcast feed.

To download audio or video lessons to your PC, it's best to use iTunes. Members can find instructions on the Downloading using iTunes page.

Tuning in with Apple iTunes

One of the most common ways of tuning to a podcast is using Apple iTunes. You don't have to own an Apple device. iTunes is a free software program that's installed on your PC or Mac. You can use iTunes to subscribe to our podcast in one of two ways.

The first is to click on the following link. You can then see our podcast in iTunes and download new lessons. You can use iTunes to listen to each lesson on your computer, or you can move the lesson to your iPod, burn it to a CD, or simply take the MP3 file and use it with any device that plays MP3 files.

 Add Hebrew Podcasts to iTunes

What's a Podcast?

Read a quick overview on the Podcasting page.

The Free Podcast Link

Use the following link to manually add the podcast to your favorite podcast software.

How to obtain all the Videos and Lesson Guides

The videos and lesson guides, as well as many of the older audio lessons, require membership.