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Family Day Recipes and Crafts

Family Day - Yom Hamishpaha - יום המשפחה

Family Day יום המשפחה (Yom Hamishpaha) is celebrated in Israel on ל' בשבט, Lamed BeShvat (the 30th day of Shvat - the 5th Hebrew month).
Mother's Day was first celebrated in Haifa in 1951 on the second day of Hanukkah. The date later changed to the day that Henrietta Szold died. Henrietta Szold was called "The mother's children" because she founded the organization Youth Aliyah that rescued children from Nazi Germany. The name of the holiday later changed to Family Day to highlight the contribution of fathers to the family.
Some of the holiday traditions are to celebrate this day together as a family, and to give gifts such as cards, flowers, jewelry, chocolate and cake. Many kids prepare their own homemade gifts and cakes.

Family Day Recipes

Stuffed Croissant

Ingredients: (for 4)
Ready-made croissant dough (buy it at most supermarkets)
1 egg yolk
Filling: chocolate spread, cream cheese, or grated yellow cheese
Toppings: sesame seeds or poppy seeds
  1. Roll out the dough on a greased pan or aluminum foil.
  2. Put one flat teaspoon of the filling at the bottom of the triangle-shaped croissant.
  3. Fold the edges inside over the filling and roll the wide part towards the corner.
  4. If you want to be sure that the filling will not come out you can pinch the edges to tighten the dough.
  5. You can mix the ingredients (such as yellow cheese and cream cheese) together.
  6. If you are making croissants with different fillings, you can mark the chocolate crescent with a little bit of chocolate on the top.
  7. Brush yolk egg on top for shine and golden brown color.
  8. Sprinkle sesame seeds or poppy seeds.
  9. Bake in an oven for 11-13 minutes at 375°F until golden brown.

Ground Meat in Phyllo Dough

Ingredients: (for 6)
Ready-made Phyllo dough
750 grams (26 oz) ground meat
2 onions
1 egg + 1 egg yolk to brush on for shine
1/2 cup of bread crumbs
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of crushed parsley
Toppings: sesame seeds or poppy seeds
  1. Chop the onions and fry them until golden brown.
  2. Add the meat and fry together until golden brown.
  3. Sift out the liquids.
  4. Mix the meat and all the ingredients in a bowl.
  5. Roll the dough on a floured surface and put the mixture in the middle of the dough.
  6. Roll it so the dough covers the meat.
  7. Put in a greased roll pan the same shape that you would bake bread.
  8. Spread a yolk on the top of the dough for a shiny glaze.
  9. Top with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.
  10. Bake in an oven for an hour at 375°F until golden brown.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients: (serves 6)
2 heads of garlic (or 30 cloves)
1 stick of butter
2 tablespoons of flour
1 cup of boiling milk
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
2 1/2 lbs baking potatoes, peeled and quartered
3-4 tablespoons of whipping cream
4 tablespoons minced parsley
  1. Separate the garlic cloves.
  2. Drop garlic into boiling water and boil for 2 minutes.
  3. Drain and peel.
  4. Cook garlic slowly with 4 tablespoons of butter in a covered small heavy-bottomed sauce pan for 20 minutes until soft but not browned.
  5. Add flour and stir over low heat for 2 minutes.
  6. Take off the stove and add the milk, salt and pepper while stirring.
  7. Return to heat and simmer for 1 minute while stirring.
  8. Boil the potatoes in salted water until soft.
  9. Drain and mash the potatoes.

Bavarian Cream

Ingredients: (serves 8)
1 1/3 cups of milk
2 eggs
1 pint (about 0.5 liter) whipping cream
1 tablespoon of gelatin
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/2 cup of sugar
Pinch of salt
  1. Dissolve the gelatin in 2 tablespoons of cold water.
  2. Pour milk in the inside pot of a double boiler pot.
  3. Boil the water until the milk start to bubble. Put the gelatin in the milk, sugar, and salt.
  4. Mix until all is dissolve.
  5. Separate the eggs, and put the egg yolks in the blender with a little cold milk.
  6. Pour the egg mix into the warm milk while mixing.
  7. Continue cooking but not boiling about 8-10 minutes until it starts to thicken.
  8. Cool until thick but not jelled.
  9. Whip the egg whites slowly and carefully mix it into the mixture while making a folding motion.
  10. Add the vanilla extract to the mix.
  11. Whip the whipping cream with 3 teaspoons of sugar until hardens.
  12. Add the whipped cream to the mixture slowly while making a folding motion.
  13. Put in goblets and refrigerate for 24 hours.
  14. You can serve with shaved chocolate on top.
Beteavon! (Hebrew for bon appétit!)
Yom Hamishpaha Sameach! - Happy Family Day!

Family Day Kids Crafts

Paper Family Tree

Brown, green, orange and pink construction paper
White construction paper
Pictures of your family members
  1. Cut out or draw pictures of your family members approximately 2.5 inches in size.
  2. Cut 3-inch-long oval shapes from pink construction paper.
  3. Glue the pictures on the pink ovals.
  4. Cut out a large tree trunk shape from the brown construction paper.
  5. Cut 6 long thin strips of brown construction paper to make the branches. You can add more branches if needed.
  6. Cut many green and orange leaves from the construction paper.
  7. Glue the tree trunk in the middle of the white construction paper, and then glue the branches on. They should be in three pairs with three branches on each side, leaving enough space between them to glue the ovals.
  8. Glue the ovals below the branches as if hanging from them, with the grandparents on the upper branches, the parents on the middle branches and the kids on the lower branches.
  9. Glue the leaves on the branches where there is room.

Heart Shaped Butterfly Family Card

Red and pink construction paper
Colorful construction paper
  1. Cut 4 heart shaped pieces in two sizes, one about an inch larger than the other.
  2. The two larger ones should be pink and the two smaller ones should be red or vice versa.
  3. Cut a long rectangle shape and two narrow strips from either color of construction paper.
  4. Glue the two large hearts at the tip so one is overlaps the other slightly, and glue the two smaller hearts together in the same way.
  5. Place the two smaller hearts on top of the large hearts and glue them to make the wings of the butterfly. If you like, roll the edges of the wings over a pencil a couple times to make them curl at the edges.
  6. Roll the long rectangle so that it creates a long and narrow tube. Glue it in the middle of the hearts to make the body of the butterfly.
  7. Glue the two long strips of construction paper under the top of the body of the butterfly to make the antennas.
  8. Cut dots from different colors of construction paper and glue them on the body of the butterfly.
  9. Write "Happy Family Day" on one wing of the butterfly and "With Love from ..." on the other wing.
  10. You can write messages in Hebrew such as: יום משפחה שמח , yom mishpaha sameah, Happy Family Day. באהבה מ, beahava mi, with love from (insert your name here)