Our Advantages
Conversational Hebrew - We teach conversational Hebrew as spoken in Israel today.
High Quality - We teach through dialog, integrating the whole language approach that emphasizes motivation and meaning with the phonics method that emphasizes reading and spelling. We feature high quality studio recording with fluent English and native Hebrew speech.
Interesting topics - In addition to teaching the language, Hebrew Podcasts introduces Israeli culture and provides a wide variety of topics to make the lessons more interesting and appropriate for the whole family.
Learn on the go - With Hebrew Podcasts you can learn while you carry on with your regular activities. You can learn Hebrew at your leisure and on the go by listening while you rest, travel, exercise, or do your chores.
Learn at your own pace - Our unique method of teaching Hebrew by podcast tailors learning to your level and speed. You can pause, rewind and repeat the podcast as often as you need. We provide Easy, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons and add new ones all the time.
Multimedia - We use the latest audio and video podcasting and streaming technologies. This multi-sensory approach to learning maximizes the acquisition of language and adapts to your learning style. Both auditory and visual learners benefit from our lessons. By combining audio and video we maintain your interest while you hear, speak and read Hebrew.
Excellent Service - We're committed to answering any question and solving any technical problem in a timely manner. When you contact us you'll hear back from the people who create the lessons and the web site.
Extremely good value - Why pay hundreds of dollars? When you join Hebrew Podcasts you pay $49 for more than 60 lessons.
Risk-free - We're so confident that you'll love our service that we're happy to offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can simply request a refund.
Become a Member of Hebrew Podcasts
Hebrew Podcasts membership entitles you to:
  • Video edition of all lessons - you can view online or download and play on your computer, iPod, iPhone or other such devices. Check out the video sampler.
  • Lesson guides for all the lessons - with full transcript, translation, and a wealth of addition information and exercises. To see what's in these guides, see What's in the Lesson Guides?, or try the lesson guides for lesson 1A, lesson 1 and lesson 2.
  • Flash cards for all the lessons - a fun way to practice and build up your vocabulary with talking flash cards. Try the flash cards for lesson 1.
  • Noah's Ark game for all lessons - Hebrew version of the Hangman game. Try the Noah's Ark game for lesson 1.
  • Quiz for all lessons - practice each lesson using a multiple-choice quiz.
  • Memory game for all lessons - a great way to learn to read whole words and memorize the lesson's vocabulary. Try the memory game for lesson 1.
  • New lessons - you'll also get future lessons during your membership period. We publish several new lessons every year.
  • Newsletter - you'll be automatically signed up for our newsletter that will connect you to Israel and its culture and holidays. We e-mail the newsletter several times a year, typically ahead of a holiday.

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