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18 Iyar 5777
May 14, 2017

Welcome friends to Hebrew Podcasts Lag BaOmer Newsletter.

Please also check our lesson 61 for Lag BaOmer.

We are sending your way Chag Sameach greetings and Happy Lag BaOmer.

Featured Holiday

Lag BaOmer ל"ג בעומר is the 33rd day of the Omer (unit of grain measure) which is Iyar 18, and falls on Sunday, May 14, 2017, י"ח באייר, תשע"ז. It commemorates a break in the mourning period for the 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva who died some by plague and some in the rebellion against the Roman Empire in 120 CE.

The main customs are to play with kids' safe bow and arrow, and to light bonfires in the fields.

LagBaOmer Kids Crafts

Lag BaOmer Mosaic
Lag BaOmer 3D Art

New Idioms

Within reason Big-voo-lot ha-sa-vir בגבולות הסביר
That's the last straw Yesh gvool le-hol ta-a-ool יש גבול לכל תעלול
Tread on his toes Hi-si-ga et gvoo-lo השיגה את גבולו
Know no bounds Ey-no yo-de-a gvool אינו יודע גבול

New Words

Border    Gvool    גבול

Fence    Ga-der    גדר

Wall    Ho-ma    חומה

Barrier    Mah-som    מחסום

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