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14 Adar 5778
March 1, 2018

Welcome friends to the Hebrew Podcasts Purim Newsletter.

We are sending your way Chag Sameach greetings and Happy Purim.

Featured Holiday

Purim (lots for lottery performed by Haman) - Adar 14 - י"ד באדר, תשע"ח, is celebrated on Thursday, March 1, 2018. Purim commemorates the cancellation of the decree against the Jewish people by Haman in ancient Persia in 425 BCE.

After the destruction of Judah, the Jews were taken into the seventy-year Babylonian captivity. The Book of Esther (H: Megillat Esther) tells the story of King Ahasuerus (H: Achashverosh) of Persia who organized a feast in Shushan to celebrate Queen Vashti's beauty. She refused his command to come to the party and he dethroned her. Ahasuerus chose Esther as his new wife. He was saved by Mordechai, Esther's Jewish cousin, who revealed the conspiracy by Bigthan and Teresh (two royal guards) to assassinate the king. Haman (the royal advisor) vowed to exterminate all the Jews after Mordechai didn’t obey him. Ester intervened and the Jews were saved.

Traditions of Purim include reading the Megillah and making a lot of noise with a noisemaker (H: ra'ashan) when Haman's name is mentioned.

We give Mishloah Manot (parcel of food portions) to poor people, family and friends. Homemade hamantashen (H: Oznei Haman - Haman's ears), or triangular pastries, are eaten. Kids love to dress up in costumes and masks and parade with them.

New Idioms

She did the minimum (to fulfill her obligation) Yats-a ye-dey ho-va-ta יצאה ידי חובתה
Truth or dare E-met o ho-va אמת או חובה
Count against me Niz-kaf le-ho-va-ti נזקף לחובתי
We make it our business to know Ro-eem le-ats-me-noo ho-va le-va-rer רואים לעצמנו חובה לברר

New Words

Mask    Ma-se-ha    מסכה

Wig    Pe-a    פיאה

Robe    Gli-ma    גלימה

Makeup    Ee-poor    איפור

News from Hebrew Podcasts

New Hebrew Corner lessons beginning in June

Beginning in June 2018, a new series of Hebrew Corner short audio lessons will become part of the audio podcast. Each Hebrew Corner will discuss a linguistic topic of Hebrew with examples. Hebrew Corner will cover topics of grammar, idioms, common misuse, and anecdotes about the language. Beginning with the first Hebrew Corner, the podcast will alternate between full lessons and Hebrew corner lessons. Hebrew Corner lessons will be shorter than a full lesson and will have a short-version lesson guide and flashcards but no accompanying video, games and quiz.

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Hebrew Podcasts makes learning conversational Hebrew practical and enjoyable using audio and video lessons, flashcards and printable lesson guides.

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