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Learning a new language requires work and commitment, but the unique dialog format of Hebrew podcast makes it fun and easy. Play each lesson multiple times to internalize the material, and repeat each line out loud to practice pronunciation and memorize idiomatic expressions. The flash cards and quiz are an excellent way to practice and improve your skills.

The lessons are packed with idiomatic and colloquial expressions and explain grammar rules. The lessons also touch on Israeli cultural and geographical topics that you'll find useful especially if you plan to visit Israel.

There are Easy, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons. Within each category, lesson vocabulary builds on earlier lessons and they gradually become more advanced.

easyEasy lessons focus on the vocabulary that's used in the early beginner lessons and therefore prepare you to the dialogs in these lessons.

beginnerBeginner lessons have a short dialog (of 40 to 60 words) and introduce a small number of new words. We speak slower than regular speech so that the novice learner can understand clearly. The topics of conversations are daily life and personal environment such as introductions, greetings, school, and family. With these topics you will be able to participate in the exchange of direct conversations on everyday topics. The conversations are embedded in the Israeli cultural background for better understanding and to help your emerging communication skills.

intermediateIntermediate lessons have a longer dialog (of 50 to 100 words) and introduce more words, verb structures, and idioms. The topics of conversations are broader and include professional life, entertainment and the neighborhood. The pace of the speech is faster and closer to regular speech to help you communicate with more fluency and confidence.

advancedAdvanced lessons have longer dialogs and more advanced grammar and expressions (of 100 to 250 words) and explanation in Hebrew. We speak at the speed of regular speech. The topics include public life and formal settings such as historic events, occupations, and the sciences. Sentences are more complex with words that are more abstract to help you reach an advanced level of competence and proficiency.

You can subscribe to our Hebrew podcast using iTunes, My Yahoo! or a variety of other RSS readers. It's really easy and is plainly explained in the Tune In section.

The lessons are further enhanced by read-along lesson guides that provide a full transcript, translation, explanations, additional examples, cultural notes, and exercises.

Is it for me?

If you want to learn conversational Hebrew as spoken in Israel, then yes, whether you already know some Hebrew or none at all, you will enjoy the lessons. If you're a beginner and you find a lesson to be a bit hard the first time through, don’t be discouraged. You can listen again and pick up more each time.

We believe that learning is a non-linear process. Therefore we pepper easy-to-follow conversation with more expressions and a few advanced topics. Some repetition is also useful and you'll see us come back to a topic that we touched on and expand on it in a future lesson.

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